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Art and colour in the office can increase productivity by up to 30%

Research shows that t he presence of flowers, both real and in art form, significantly stimulates the senses and the mind, improves mental cognition “The ambience and colour of office decor play a huge role in how people feel. Studies have shown that art in the office helps to increase employees’ creativity and productivity by up to 30%”. (Meelimari Arro - Bsc) A recent study conducted by researchers at the Texas A&M University indicates that flowers placed within the workplace greatly increases productivity, creative thinking, and overall job performance. In general, the study reveals that the presence of flowers within the work environment can greatly increase innovative thinking and productivity among male and female workers. and performance beyond what is normally believed. Meelimari Arro (Bsc) of the UK has reported that BOS, a leading USA based workspace design firm reported that Gensler, an architecture firm, had revealed in their 2016 WorkplaceForecast that workspace design trends, such as Biophilic design, that have grown significantly within most modern companies have become a key area on reshaping how urban workforces work as a whole. Studies like The Human Spaces report on Biophilic Design show that contact with nature in the workplace, no matter how small, can have notable effects on employee happiness and productivity.

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